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Collaboration is a skill that is utilized with one or more people to produce or create a result or shared goal. Everyone in the group has a shared vision or outcome. The group not only has to work together, they must think together, and the product comes from group effort. Collaborators are equal partners. Do we know what it takes to achieve successful collaboration with colleagues? What are the importance and benefits of collaboration in the workplace and how can employers create a collaborative environment and reward employees for collaborative efforts?

    What Will Students Learn?

    ·         Understand the definition of collaboration

    ·         Distinguish collaborative qualities individuals often possess

    ·         Know and understand what it takes to work collaboratively with your colleagues

    ·         Discover the difference between collaboration, cooperation and teamwork

    ·         Know what a collaborative environment looks like

    ·         Know the six steps to make collaboration work

    ·         Understand the advantages of collaboration

    ·         Be aware of obstacles to collaboration

    ·         Develop strategies to improve a collaborative work environment

    ·         Share tips for employers to reward collaboration

    ·         Understand how technology affects collaboration


    What Topics are Covered?

    ·         Being Collaborative

    ·         Elements of Successful Collaboration

    ·         Benefits of Collaboration

    ·         Common Obstacles

    ·         Technology and Collaboration

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